Always Be Happy

Always Be Happy

Searching for Happiness I've found the power of Inner Laughter

Richard Romagnoli

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An intense and enlightening novel in which the author tells us about his path to inner happiness, a path he embarked upon when his father, shortly before passing away, told him: ''ALWAYS BE HAPPY''.

That moment was the beginning of his pursuit, an engaging journey, full of meetings with sages, teachers and enlightened men, and among those Dr. Madan Kataria, renowned founder of Laughter Yoga, who will show him that the secret to changing ourselves and the world around us is held in laughter's simplicity.

''I have received many more gifts smiling than crying, but it was suffering that taught me the true value of inner laughter.''

"My soul brother has a presence that is like the sun. His message hits you like a ray of light, illuminating you with divine happiness. His teachings bring you the freedom to shine, expressing your whole being, inspiring your soul to be a free." Don Jose Ruiz, best selling author 'The Fifth Agreement'

"The sincerity of the story will move you, and I am sure it will inspire you to add more laughter to your life, giving you the opportunity to experience within yourself the magic of inner laughter." Madan Kataria, founder ''Laughter Yoga''

"Richard has the amazing gift of touching people's hearts with charming simplcity. He can have you split your sides laughing and one moment later make you cry like a child," Livio Sgarbi, author ''Dai colore alla tua vita''





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